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At AcuHealth, our mission is to help you achieve optimal health and well-being through acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Our treatments are customized to your unique needs and preferences. Acupuncture is a versatile therapy that can be used for pain relief, stress reduction, improved immune and digestive function, better sleep, and enhanced mental health. By restoring balance to the body's natural systems, acupuncture can help promote health from within and improve your overall well-being. 

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Trained and licensed in the United States



"Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease."


Jessica BenShay, L.Ac.

I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine in the United States.  I have been licensed by the Florida Department of Health since 2014, and am insured here in Israel.

I use acupuncture and other TCM modalities, like nutrition or cupping, to help patients achieve optimal health and well-being. From pain relief and stress reduction to digestive support and facial rejuvenation, I am here to help you feel your best. 

Practicing acupuncture is how I can contribute to the cultivation of health and resilience within the community.  For me, health is more than the absence of disease, but rather the presence of health, resilience, and vitality.  Thriving - not just surviving.  

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US Licensed Acupuncturist [FL AP3442]
Wellness Facilitator

"To have a renewed body, you must be willing to have new perceptions that give rise to new solutions."

- Dr. Deepak Chopra

About Me

"Jessica helped me with anxiety, depression and shoulder problems. I was amazed with how many different levels of illness acupuncture could help me with and so impressed with Jessica’s bedside manner. Will always use her as my acupuncturist in Tel Aviv"

~ H.V.


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