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Experience the synergy of acupuncture and meditation

Heal your body, heal your mind

Make 2019 your best year yet by taking some time to go back to your center, increase your focus and energy, and reduce your stress and anxiety.  The end of the year is the perfect time to go inward towards your center and open up to the infinite possibilities of the new year.


Acupuncture with meditation can help you to manage the stress of everyday living and improve your health and well-being.  The treatment encourages relaxation, focused attention, a sense of calmness, and reduces the symptoms of anxiety and depression.


If you’ve ever struggled to quiet your mind or you find yourself dealing with racing thoughts, this treatment can help you to connect deeply with your center, and promote a calm mind and body.  


Melt into meditation and acupuncture, and allow yourself to reach the ultimate reset and relaxation.  Harness your own body’s healing capacity and step into your power.  

"Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease."



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Tel Aviv, Israel

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